What is the profitability of the program?
We offer three investment plans with unlimited terms of investing. Accordingly, your profitability is only limited by the sum you invest into the program.
What is the minimal sum I can invest into the program?
The minimum you can invest is $10. There are no upper limits on investment.
What payment systems are used by the company to support the investment process?
Due to the specifics of our business, we decided to work with Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfectmoney, Ethereum, litecoin & Dogecoin at this stage of development. Other payment systems may appear according to the necessities of program development.
What are the characteristics of the deposits crediting in the crypto-currency system?
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin, being a decentralized system, carries out transactions on the basis of a certain number of confirmations in the blockchain network, which are required so that the transaction was considered complete. Deposits in the made via crypto-currency system, require a minimum of 3 confirmations before being recorded in the personal account of the investor.
What are the differences and similarities of your investment plans?
All three investment plans suggest that your deposits earn interest for an unlimited period of time. That is the main similarity of the plans. The thresholds of minimal investment and the amount of income are different for each investment plan.
On what days does accrual of interest occur?
According to our investment offers, accrual of interest occurs every day, regardless of weekends and holidays, and of what investment plan you have chosen.
What if I choose all the investment plans? Can I make deposits to all your investment plans?
Yes. There is no limit.
How many deposits can I make for one investment plan?
There is no limit.
I made a deposit but later changed my mind and decided to add some sum to it. Is it possible?
No. Every investment action is processed by our system as a separate deposit. That is why if you make a secondary investment into to the same investment plan where you already have an active deposit, you will have two independently working active deposits.
Can I terminate the contract and withdraw the sum of deposit ahead of time?
No, since the deposits do not have an expiration date.
How long will it take the system to process my withdrawal request?
All the payments are performed instantly.
Is there any withdrawal limit?
Every payment processor has its own minimum withdraw limit. This is the only limitation for withdrawals in our program. For Perfectmony & Payeer minimum witdraw limit: $0.5 and for Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, dogecoin & bitcoin cash minimum withdraw limit: $3.
Is there any commission or other additional payment involved into the investment process or performing financial transactions?
The program does not involve any commissions, additional and/or hidden payments.
Am I able to create multiple accounts on the web site?
No, the multiple registrations on the web-site are forbidden. A single user can create only one account.
How do I change e-currency address if I have misspelled it or change it to a different one?
Go to Change Data in your personal account and make the necessary changes to your payment data or e-mail our support team.
Can I change the e-mail I used for registration?
Yes. Go to Settings in your personal account and make the necessary changes to your e-mail address.
How can I restore the password if I have forgotten it?
To restore the login data for our program, use the Restore Password link which is located at the official website of the company.
Referral Solutions
What options of affiliate remuneration are provided by your company?
There are three types of an Affiliate Program which you can actively use to earn additional income. You can read more about it if you go the Affiliate section.
Can I receive affiliate remuneration without having a deposit of my own in the program?
Do you pay a referral commission for a deposit from account balance?
No. You receive referral commission only for deposits from payment systems.
Where can I get the materials to promote the program and invite new members?
You can find advertising materials in the Affiliate section of your personal account, as well as in the Advertising section.
How can I find out who my sponsor is?
You can find it in the Affiliate section of your personal account.
Other Questions
How can I solve an issue that requires attention from the company specialists?
Contact our Customer Support. Our specialists will help you solve any issue you might have while cooperating with us.
Still have a question?
Didn't find the answer to your questions?
Please contact our technical support